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Message from the President:


Local, state, and federal regulations impact the costs associated with land development and maintenance of infrastructure, sometimes as much as the actual physical challenges with these endeavors.  H2R leadership maintains current knowledge and understanding of relevant regulations, supplemented with nearly 40 years of combined practical engineering experience to minimize impact of regulatory burden. 


As a former local regulator, I understand the balance that needs to be achieved between economic progress and the environment.  Innovative planning, engineering and programmatic approaches can provide the foundation to achieve the goals of both the developer, the environmental permittee, and regulators.   This understanding can save resources, time and money that can ultimately further the goals of our clients and communities.


H2R strives to serve our client's best interest, while also being committed to achieving and maintaining the goals of the communities in which we provide our services.  Our priority is to be a valuable member of your team, providing high quality service and deliverables that are cost effective. 


I encourage you to reach out to H2R to discuss your planning, engineering or stormwater permit compliance needs.  I am confident we can provide valuable and reliable consultation. 




Lee F. Hixon, Ph.D, P.E.

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